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I feel like a shadow,
there, but just a part of the background.
I'm not important.
My presence has no effect on others.
But then there are times when I am not the scenery.
I'm a physical being.
All of me is there and ready for anything.
I am noticed, appreciated.
I'm not just walked by and ignored.
But only sometimes...
I'm part of the scenery,
like an old book on a shelf.
I'm brought out when needed,
but otherwise I sit on the shelf and watch.
I see how life slips past me day by day.
Perhaps I am afraid.
The shadows are my comfort.
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Held Feelings
I want to run as far away as possible.
I won't ever look back.
The past is behind me
and it has nothing to offer.
There's nothing.
I'm lost,
trapped in another world.
I'm alone and scared.
I keep calling out
but no one hears my screams.
The world stops spinning,
the clouds get darker,
the Earth is chilled,
yet I am still alone
and I know you'll never come.
You never came before,
so why would you show up now?
You're pathetic,
yet somehow,
I still care.
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Let's Pretend
Let's pretend
for just a moment
that everything thing will be okay
and that we'll never have to worry.
Let's pretend
for just one moment
that we'll never leave each others sides
and we'll always have each others backs.
Let's say we love each other
and maybe mean it just this once,
so I can live on knowing
that maybe
you cared once.
And maybe someday,
a long time in the future,
we'll meet up again
and fall in love all over.
Let's pretend,
for just a moment,
just one little moment.
Let's pretend there's no one else,
only just the two of us,
and let's fall madly in love
like we once did before.
Don't leave me hanging by this thread,
take my hand,
and take me home.
Hold me close.
Kiss me soft.
Love me so.
Don't let me go.
Just pretend with  me,
oh please!
Let's pretend,
the world has stopped,
and its never going forward
and we'll never lose each other.
Let's pretend,
we're all that's left,
and you'll never let me go
and we'll always love each other.
Let's pretend for just one moment t
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I'll go on
struggling through,
destroy your doubts.
I'm stronger now.
I don't need you to be a burden on my shoulder.
Your doubts scream through my ears,
pounding in my head
and swarming through my body.
Why do you doubt me so?
I know I can do it,
isn't that enough for you.
Do you have to crush me from my heart down to my legs?
I've got a fire in my heart.
No water can put me out.
The light swarms around me and all you bring is your darkness,
your cold, cold darkness.
You sicken the world and poison me.
You try and wrap me within your darkness,
feeding me lies,
trying to control my mind.
But I'm out.
I'm in my right mind,
free from whatever tricks you'll throw at me.
I'll dodge around them,
run from them,
but I won't fear them,
Not anymore...
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The Forest
I look on, beyond the darkness, beyond the light; and I see something great, something more than what I thought. It's a pure essence of wonder and imagination. It's calling my name and I seem to unconsciously walk towards the sound of my name, not knowing where it will take me. I seek a life of adventure and mystery. The voice knows and as it calls it whispers to me all the secrets of the world and all the things I've ever wanted to know. It's tells me about adventures beyond belief, beyond the darkness, beyond the light. I stumble through the forest as I walk towards the ever echoing call of my name. "Come, come!" It silently screams. I scream right back to the voice, with fear of walking into the unknown, marching toward my possible death. I stop harshly but a force pulls me to keep waking toward the voice. I fight until the force lets me go and I fall into a never ending pile of autumn leaves. I hit the ground hard and am stirred from my sleep. I look around me and the room is black
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The Voice That Hides
They warned me that something like this would happen.
They told me I should keep my distance.
They told me "steer clear"
but I chose not to listen.
And look where it's put me today.
I'm happy with the choices I made.
But I know now that fairy tales don't come true,
it's always too good to be true.
I try now to find the words to say.
I try and think about what the truth is
or if he kept it all a lie.
I know that secrets
are meant to be kept secrets
but one came out
and it made everything twice as hard.
I probably wouldn't have cared so much,
if only the world hadn't told
that secret that you kept so dear to yourself
but someone let it slip
and it poured into my ears.
Truth is i don't know what to do now.
Do I smile, do I wave,
do I even give you a glance?
I sing from my heart,
I sing from my soul,
I sing everything that comes to mind.
This voice shall be heard
from mountain to mountain top.
I will never quiet down.
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I'd Like That
One day,
I'm just going to run away.
I'm just going to hide
and not face the world.
I could pretend like everything's alright,
even if it's not
and even if I know it'll never be.
I'm going to fall in love,
like before,
but I'll pretend that it'll last forever.
I could disappear
and make everything easier,
or so at least I think.
I could write my life in pencil.
That way
I can erase all of my mistakes.
If only I could take back what I said,
and did,
and meant.
Would it have made a difference?
It could,
just maybe,
have made this world easier to be a part of.
Could I have said something differently?
in the end,
everything will work out.
Perhaps there is a happy ending to some stories.
I'd like that.
All of those obstacles that I've overcome
and then,
Happy ending at last.
No more hoops to jump through,
no more mountains to climb,
no more seas to swim through,
no more battles to be fought.
Wouldn't that be nice?
I'd like that.
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Breath Of Life
We used to sit out on the back porch,
baking cookies
as the sun's hot rays fell upon us.
You used to laugh at my corny jokes
just to make me feel good.
You were always there when I needed you.
I used to write you letters
every Halloween, birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day.
You'd always write back
and enclosed in the envelope,
a treat.
Now who will I write to
now that you're gone?
You lay in bed gasping for breath.
I say, "I love you, grandma"
but you don't hear a thing.
I imagine you're thinking about happy moments,
moments you never want to forget.
And just before you fade,
losing all the light in your eyes,
the color in your skin,
the power to go on,
you take your last gasp of air
and you remember your happiest memory.
You smile weakly,
close your eyes
and fade.
I wonder how you are.
Day after day,
I sit at home gazing up into the sky.
Maybe you really are watching down on me;
that would be nice.
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Evanlyn King
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You hit the point where the world starts spinning and you just want to give up. Nothing seems to matter and yet, you feel obligated to keep doing what you do because you don;t want to let anyone down. Yet everyone else seems to let you down. So then what do you do? Everyone is telling you how to make yourself feel better but you don't like any of the options presented to you. But you don't actually have a lot of options. So instead of facing it you hide in your room and tell everyone you have too much homework to do and can't talk with anyone. You don't want to give up but there seems to be no where else to run.


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